Anti-Poaching Training

TENSHO is an African company which understands the requirements and challenges of training individuals in a diverse and multicultural environment.

Ray Godbeer

Ray Godbeer

Combat Survival Instructor

Ray is widely regarded as the world’s leading Sub-Saharan tracking and combat survival instructor. He joined the Rhodesian Light Infantry in 1970 and transferred to the Selous Scouts in 1975. In 1980 Ray relocated to South Africa and joined the South African Army as the lead survival instructor at 1 and 5 Recce. After his resignation from the SANDF, Ray was contracted by the South African Air Force to develop and write the SAAF’s Escape, Evasion and Survival Curriculum, which is still in use today. In 2003 Ray headed to the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan where he operated as a PSD and weapons instructor for several leading private military companies.

Tensho’s five week anti-poaching and farm protection training program encompasses advanced bush craft and tactical training. Candidates will learn to become specialists in rural tactical operations. Tensho’s course content is presented by former Special Forces members who have decades of sub-Saharan combat experience. The course is designed to develop competent and professional operators who are able to work in high risk rural operations.

Some of the course content which will be covered during the 5 week course is outlined below:

  • First Aid Level 1 with Tactical Emergency Casualty Care certification.
  • Venomous snake bite first aid - FGASA recognised
  • Occupational health and safety practices
  • Basic Firefighting
  • Aspects within general security practices
  • Aspects within specialised security practices
  • Ground communication fundamentals
  • Crime scene preservation & management
  • Legal aspects pertaining to security operations
  • Providing evidence in a court of law
  • Unarmed combat and self defence
  • Tactical small team day and night operations
  • Joint day and night operations
  • Advanced snake handling course - FGASA Recognised
  • Black mamba handling course - FGASA recognised
  • Big Game approach techniques
  • Big cat interaction and approach
  • Basic to advanced tactical weapons handling and movements
  • Trails Guide endorsed by FGASA
  • Arrest and restraint techniques
  • Tactical vehicle discipline
  • Survival techniques
  • Human tracking
  • Map & GPS navigation
  • Identification of poacher snaring devices
  • Understanding of poaching techniques
  • Camouflage and concealment
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