Employee Criminal Clearance Reports

Why is criminal vetting so important before you employ staff?

As an employer, hiring and retaining the right workforce for your company to succeed is important.

It is critical to ensure that a candidate’s credentials stand up to scrutiny before you move forward with your hiring decision. No matter how junior or senior the position, a thorough criminal vetting process will give you the assurance that the individual you are about to employ has not participated in criminal acts, past or present.

Tensho provides information on the individual’s current criminal record status, pending cases and cases which have been withdrawn. This information can give the employer better insight into the individual they are hiring.

These criminal checks are completed on South African and foreign nationals who work and reside in South Africa.

What do we check for?

  • Criminal records
  • Pending cases
  • Outstanding warrants of arrest


The client will receive a report within 24hours which indicates if the applicant has either a criminal record, cases pending in a court of law or if there are warrants of arrest.