Tactical Pilot Training

TENSHO is an African company which understands the requirements and challenges of training pilots in a diverse and multicultural environment.

Tactical Pilot Training - (Course duration 50 Hours)

Module 1

  • Tactical theory and mindset
  • Tactical equipment
  • Tactical radio procedures and lingo
  • Legal policies and restrictions
  • Preparation for flight

Module 2

  • Managing tactical crew members
  • Aerial reconnaissance and surveillance
  • Escape, evasion, concealment and cover

Module 3

  • Providing tactical support to ground operations
  • Vehicle pursuits
  • Foot pursuits
  • Managing K9’s
  • Managing multiple aircraft operations
  • Managing Low viz, low-level operations
  • Fundamentals of thermal imaging
  • Night operations

Module 4

  • Airborne gunnery: Receiving and giving fire
  • Explosives, shock waves and shrapnel
  • Landing on unstable and uneven surfaces – skid on / skid off
  • Hoisting and slinging
  • Ground force deployment techniques - fast roping / abseiling
  • Deploying/retrieving personnel into/from water from a moving/static aircraft platform.

Practical Flight Test

  • Simulated tactical and rescue mission
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