VIP Protection

Professional VIP Protection Services in Africa

Being a VIP comes with its risks, which means that it’s a challenge getting from one place to another in complete safety. Whether you are a VIP or you need to play host to one, there’s a great deal of responsibility involved in selecting the correct protection services and professionals. VIP protection is not standard security and requires great attention to detail and a quick response in times of trouble/danger.

At Tensho, we understand the stress involved in trying to select VIP protection services that are designed to safeguard you, and truly puts your safety and best interests first. This is why we ensure that each of our team members is highly skilled and trained. In fact, our teams consist of ex-military and police force individuals who have served well and earned many distinctions, recognitions and awards in their line of work. The officers serving on our teams are the types of professional protectors that we would trust to look after us!

With VIP protection being one of the fastest developing markets in Africa, we make sure that we’re always on top of our game at Tensho. Even if we do say so ourselves – our service levels are fantastic and our client satisfaction close to flawless. We owe our great success in the personal protection industry to our thorough understanding of African culture and politics. We also take the time to get to know the African geography, and only rely on the very best equipment and real-time intelligence and technology. We do this for your assurance and, of course, for the benefit of our hardworking protection officers.

We provide our VIP protection services to government officials, celebrities, local high-profile community members, private individuals, commercial organisations and more. Whether you are travelling locally or visiting the African content, we have just the protective services that you need, at a price that you can afford. We consider no safety mission too big or too small, and guarantee you our best attention to detail at all times – for the duration of our contract with you.

If you’re in the market for VIP protection and want to ensure that you’re hiring a team that can be trusted, regardless of the scenario, Tensho is the team to approach. We want nothing more than to ensure that your needs are catered to, and we will also take the time to make sure that you’re fully informed of the protection plan and strategy. For more information and advice on our services, contact us via email or telephone today.