Executive Protection

Protect the Future of Your Organisation with Executive Protection Services from Tensho

Being a high-powered business executive might not place financial stress on your shoulders, but it can be a risky business. Some companies spend millions protecting their key role players, and it’s understandable why. All it takes is one bad experience to set the scene for your high-profile and risky executive meetings going forward.

Executive protection, or close personal protection as it is often called, requires more than just a plan on paper. It requires a thorough risk assessment, an analysis of the costs involved and a great deal of leg work. At Tensho, we often encounter clients who truly require executive protection that is affordable and effective. Here are a few of the top fundamentals of an executive protection officer that is a viable candidate for protecting you or an executive within your organisation:

  • Military training and expertise – your bodyguard should have some sort of military or police background, so that they have the experience required to react and act in risky situations.


  • Excellent communication skills – your protector must be able to communicate clearly with you and your team. Otherwise information can be misconstrued and the plan can go off track.
  • Precise decision-making skills and good judgement – it’s essential that your personal protector is able to handle bad situations, crisis situations and potential attacks. Decisions must be made quickly and it’s important that the situation is judged correctly.


  • Expert defensive driving skills – your bodyguard will need to be able to get you out of tricky situations quickly and safely. Having a valid divers license is essential, but a bit more experience in handling a vehicle in a dangerous scenario is important too.
  • Good physical health and fitness – being tough and experienced isn’t all that a good protection officer needs to be. Your protector must also be fit and health, in order to physically protect you.


  • Experience in dealing with firearms – in order to protect your life, there might be a need to use a firearm. The right protection professional must be able to use a firearm and handle it effectively for self-defence and dangerous/threatening situations.

At Tensho, we possess all of the above attributes and meet with each of our clients to personally discuss the matter of protection, and to ensure that a plan is set in place that specifically caters to your needs and the risks that you or your executive employees are faced with.

Unfortunately, attacks aren’t often expected or seen coming. It’s important to ensure that you’re ready and prepared for potential attacks, and that your protection team is skilled and experienced in the field. At Tensho, our team is made up of ex-military and police servicemen who have excelled and earned themselves recognition in their specific fields.

We have absolute confidence that we can design and implement a protection strategy and plan that works for you and your organisation. For more information and advice on our executive protection services, we welcome you to get in touch with us at Tensho. We’re available via email and telephone, and look forward to hearing from you.