Convoy Protection

Convoy Protection Services in Africa – Choose Tensho

By definition, a convoy is a group of vehicles traveling together for support and protection. Whether the passengers are celebrities, government officials or high-profile members of society, at Tensho, we are able to provide the required convoy protection services. In many instances, convoys acquire their protection through armed defensive support. Of course, while this feels like a military service, it’s not always strictly so. Convoy protection can also be beneficial to those driving through remote areas, or when emergency officials need to provide services at a scene that presents safety risks.

At Tensho, we provide the type of specialised services that can only be expected from the best and most high-profile security services in the industry. We always make the requirements of our clients a top priority for us and whether you need convoy security to accompany valuable cargo being transported, or if you need armed convoy protection and even armed driver assistants to accompany you or a VIP on a trip, we can assist. At Tensho all of our team members are well-qualified, and have clean backgrounds and records. Our personnel all go through strict training processes and we have access to the most advanced convoy protection equipment, vehicles and air craft. You can expect us to make you our number one priority, and for each of our team members to do their bit to provide the support required for the mission/trip.

How do you know that Tensho will be able to provide a convoy protection team that you can trust? It’s quite simple really. We’re a company that places a great deal of emphasis on enhancing safety and security to ensure sustainable growth, economic development and prosperity across Africa. We’re invested in our continent and show the same dedication to our clients. We consult with each of our clients on the risks that they are faced with and carefully construct specific security solutions to care of those risks. We strongly agree and support the African Union’s determination to create a more peaceful African continent. We’re the type of protection team that you can trust with your life and your livelihood – literally.

If you are looking for professional convoy protection services and value the expertise of a skilled and highly trained team, Tensho is the company to approach. For more information and advice on our protection services, contact us at Tensho via email or telephone at your earliest convenience.