VIP Security

What Type of Service Do We Offer VIPs?

In some instances, obtaining VIP security is a necessity and not a luxury. If your business is hosting a VIP guest or you are a VIP or celebrity yourself, it’s best to seek out reliable, professional high-profile security. After all, your life might depend on it. Comprehensive security services will ensure that a VIP has access to safe and secure transport and transfers to meetings and gatherings of a sensitive nature where security and safety are at risk.

In order to take full advantage of VIP security services on offer, you must understand the benefits of such a service and at Tensho, we believe that the benefits include preservation of life and, of course, ensuring that no harm, whether physical, emotional or otherwise, comes to the protected VIP.

Here’s what you can expect when hiring VIP security services from Tensho:

  • Our bodyguards will facilitate the safe transfer of a VIP from A to B. High-profile business individuals, celebrities and even local citizens currently being featured in the media will be at the most risk when moving from one place to another. The chance of an attack is even higher if you don’t have an extra set of eyes watching out for you and ensuring that no possible threats exist. Trained and skilled agents will be able to plan your transfer from one destination to another, safely. It is also the duty of VIP security officers to remain inconspicuous, so as not to draw attention to the VIPs movements.
  • Our bodyguards and agents are highly skilled, trained and qualified in their field. At Tensho, we are well aware that you don’t want just anybody taking care of your safety. The individuals employed will be required to carry out emergency procedures in the event of an attack, know how to use a firearm and also know how to protect you without one.. They also need to know how to drive defensively, and handle themselves and a vehicle in potentially tricky or dangerous situations. Tensho only hires former police and military servicemen who have previously been held in the highest esteem in their employment. Their background and training put them in the perfect position to protect you or the VIP from harm.

Are you looking for a VIP security solution? If you are, waste no more time. Get in touch with us at Tensho, and discuss your needs and requirements. For more information and advice on our security services for VIPs, contact us via email or telephone at Tensho today.