VIP Protection

Some Facts from the Industry Pros

Being a VIP comes with its trials and tribulations, especially when there are tough or sensitive decisions that need to be made or deals / agreements that need to be reached. VIP protection is a service offered by only a few security companies in South Africa, but that doesn’t mean that there is no need or demand for it. In South Africa, VIPs are in need of high-quality, reliable protection services provided by highly trained individuals, which is exactly what we have to offer at TENSHO.

Unlike what you might have seen in the movies, VIP protection is not a big and fancy occasion. The objective of the security team should not be to draw attention to themselves, but rather to blend in with their surroundings and have a very powerful presence if and when required. At TENSHO, our team members are highly skilled and trained in the art of personal protection. They aren’t just bodyguards paid to follow a VIP around or speed around in fancy cars. Our team members are ex-military and specialised policed members with years of experience and undeniable skill.

Before you can secure a VIP protection service, you need to understand a few things about the process and also be aware of how to select the right service. First and foremost, no protection service can be provided without a thorough analysis of the situation and the potential threats at hand. In order to determine just how much effort protection services will need, the VIPs social standing, health, wealth and reputation must all be considered.

Here are two important tips when you are looking for the right protection service provider:

  • Ask as many questions as possible before things get started. Know precisely what you can and cannot expect from the “body guards”.
  • Don’t be specifically drawn in by protection services offered by bouncer-types. While being big and knowing how to handle a weapon certainly is useful, you need the peace of mind that your protection team will be trained in how to detect a potential threat early on and deal with it quickly and with minimal violence / weapon use.

Who uses VIP protection and what does it really entail?

Most celebrities, government officials, politicians and high profile business men and women make use of VIP protection services. It can involve 24-hour security during day to day activities or it could only entail a few hours a day or transfers from one place to another or even random hours during important meetings. The scenarios are typically different for each VIP.

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