Executive Security

Executive Security – What You Can Expect

Executive security is not just a luxury for the rich and famous. It’s actually a necessity for many. A person’s life can be at risk as a result of their celebrity status, financial standing, employment, social associations, location and much more. There’s no saying these days what the motivation behind such a risk needs to be and in some instances criminals have had obscure reasons and methods of endangering the lives of VIPs or even innocent parties to get what they want. Executive security is a type of personal protection service that safeguards individuals from potential risks as a result of the above mentioned and other factors.

Executive security isn’t designed to create attention. In fact, it’s designed to do the opposite and as a result, your assigned security team will try to remain as unnoticed as possible when in the public eye. Their objective is to monitor, observe and react if and when necessary. As such, protection officers need to be alert, skilled and physically fit. They also need to have experience in quickly noticing potential danger and acting immediately in the best interests of their client. At TENSHO we are able to offer such a service. Our team members are actually ex-military and specialised policemen and this means that you’re getting the best of the best on your side.

The requirements of what an executive security officer needs to do:

  • Plan safe routes and ensure that all meeting points / appointments are properly checked out before and during meetings.
  • Be able to quickly ascertain if the threat is serious or not. It is important that security officials don’t act unnecessarily.
  • Excellent communication of plans and strategies. Keeping the client informed is of the utmost importance. This may also require briefings before outings or attending potentially risky meetings, events and similar.
  • Operate a weapon / firearm safely and without harming innocent bystanders.
  • Be able to predict individual’s actions in dangerous situations and ensure that everything is done to diffuse situations. If danger cannot be avoided, the bodyguard is to provide safe exit with the client’s life and safety as a top priority.
  • Have excellent advanced driving skills in order to manoeuvre out of dangerous or tricky situations while in transit.

At TENSHO, we are proud to say that all of our executive security consultants are highly trained and possess all of these skills. If you are expected to conduct business in high risk or hostile environments, it’s best to ensure that you are protected. When hiring us as your executive security provider, you will benefit from a comprehensive, thorough service provided by our team. We keep our clients advised at all times of the day in terms of ground movements, safe routes to travel and contingency planning. Our team members are also trained to provide first respondent medical support if and when required.

If you find that all forms of executive security in the past have been disappointing or if you feel that you would be more at ease with a professional security team on your side, waste no more time. Get in touch with us via email or telephone at TENSHO so that we can discuss your needs and create a customised security solution just for you.