Bodyguards for Hire

Do You Require the Services of Bodyguards for Hire?

South Africa is unfortunately riddled with crime both on the streets and in the corporate environment. It’s no longer only celebrities that need to fear for their lives! VIP business men and high profile politicians have also come under fire. In some instances, publicly wealthy families have even been the victims of violent crimes. The need for reliable, well trained bodyguards for hire is evident across the country. Protecting one’s family, assets, neighbourhoods, employees and even customers is of importance for many and this can only be done if you choose to partner with a reliable protection / security company.

Bodyguards are available for hire for a variety of situations. You might have seen armed, patrolling bodyguards outside businesses or private homes. You might even encounter bodyguards transporting a VIP to the airport or an important business meeting. If you’ve attended a high profile party, you might even encounter bodyguards there! Let’s face it; gone are the days in South Africa where you’d only encounter a bodyguard / bouncer at a night club!

The job of a bodyguard for hire is not a strictly 9 to 5 job. Most bodyguards required around the clock will need to work in shifts. If the client or VIP needs to travel, their bodyguard/s will need to accompany them and ensure that they are safe during and outside of business hours ensuring safety while commuting and while carrying out regular daily and business functions. If there is a specific threat to be wary of, your hired bodyguards can also arrange background checks on individuals, pay visits to the proposed meeting places to ascertain potential threats and weak security areas and to ensure that they are prepared and familiar with their surroundings, just in case something happens.

When hiring a bodyguard from TENSHO, you will be guarded by ex-military and specialised policeman. They are highly skilled and trained in protection services and have many years in the field to prove their dedication to their cause and their skills too. We can provide armed or unarmed bodyguards to safeguard you, your spouse, your kids, your business and more.

At TENSHO, we believe that protection services must be customised to the client’s needs. As such, it is of vital importance that we meet with you to discuss your security concerns and so that we can work on a security solution that is truly customised to your needs. Quell your fears – protect yourself, your loved ones and your valuables with the help of the bodyguards for hire at TENSHO. Contact us for more information and advice today.