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Kidnap Prevention Training Program

A Child goes missing every 5 minutes in South Africa.

Tensho’s Kidnap Prevention Program, empowers you as a parent, to understand the nature of the threat, implement Preventive Measures to reduce the risk profile on your child and subsequently equips you with Immediate Actions, should an attempted abduction take place.



Instructor Zero South Africa Training Course 2019

Sign up for the high impact three day Close Quarter Battle course hosted by Tensho and facilitated by Instructor Zero in June 2019 from the 21-23rd Johannesburg South Africa. Limited spaces available.

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TENSHO is an African risk solutions company which endeavours to enhance safety and security to enable sustainable growth, economic development and prosperity on the African continent. Providing expert risk consultancy and delivering practical security solutions in accordance with the African Union’s vision and mission for an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa.

A level 2 B-BBEE 51% Owned Company.

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